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  Print Quality Nearly all of our customers are satisfied, and we want you to be satisfied.  If you are not, subject to certain limitations, you have three options:
1. You may obtain a free reprint of your order, or the portion of your order with which you are not satisfied, or
2. You may obtain a credit to your on-line account, or
3. You may obtain a cash refund.
1. All reprints, credits, and/or cash refunds may be limited to $100 (cumulative) per customer. If we think the problem is something that we should have and could reasonably be expected to have done better, we will not impose any limitation.
2. Credits and cash refunds may be limited to 90% of the price of the order, except that if you cancel your order before it is even shipped, but after we have printed your order, we may limit your refund to 50% of the price of the order. (In other words, we may still charge you 50% of the price of your order, even though you asked us not to ship it to you.) We want you to try to make sure your order is accurate before you place your order. If it appears to us that you have made a reasonable attempt to do so, we will never impose any limit on refunds.
3. In some cases, we may ask you to first return to us a portion of each print with which you are not happy. We may ask you to return about a 4" x 8" piece of each print, showing the part you don't like. These pieces can be returned to us in an ordinary envelope. Do not return anything to us unless we ask you to.
4. If an order is replaced, it will be shipped via the same method (e.g., USPS Priority Mail) used for the original order.
5. You must report to us the problem within two weeks of your receipt of your order.
Some notes regarding color
1. "Calibrated monitors" are not necessarily accurate. We calibrate our printers to the sRGB standard. All printers wander a bit from time to time, but our frequent closed loop calibrations keep our color very consistent and very accurate. We scan test strips with an Epson scanner; we don't rely solely on the printers' self-calibration routines. If you are not sure about your color, contact us before you place your order. We can give you our subjective opinion. If you are a new customer and contemplate placing a large order, it is a good idea to place a small order first to make sure that your expectations are consistent with our calibrations. (That said, it is our experience that we receive color complaints on fewer than 1% of the prints we ship.)
2. Some photofinishers use programs to "spiff up" the color -- to automatically adjust color based on a computer program. We don't use any program to arbitrarily (without your control) adjust your files. We adhere to the school of thought that says that you probably want, and will get, exactly what's in your files. For example, if your file is dark, that probably means that you wanted it dark. Or if your file is low in contrast, that probably means that that's the way you want it. Don't rely on us to second-guess what you want. On the other hand, if you properly adjust your files first, you can rely on us to not do something you probably won't want us to do.
3. Don't include in your file an ICC profile for something other than sRGB. There's no need, or benefit, to include any ICC profile.
4. Use RGB files, not CMYK.
Other notes
1. Check your thumbnails before you order. For example, if your thumbnail is solid black or solid white, and you expect the print to be something else, contact us before you place your order. Or, if you see a lot of unwanted white space around the image, don't expect us to crop it to size. Instead, contact us before you place your order. If there are typographical errors in your file, we will not correct them.
2. If the height to width ratio of your print (aspect ratio) is not the same as that of your file, and you specify that the print is to be automatically cropped to size, check first to make sure that this cropping won't cut off something important. If you think it might, then use our on-line cropping utility to make sure your image is cropped to your expectations.
3. If your image contains crop marks, they will be printed just like everything else in your file. Don't put crop marks within your file unless you would like to have them on the print. Unless you specify automatic cropping at the time you place your order, the edge of your file will be the edge of the print (not including an extra 1/4" white border around your print if you have specified that when you order.)



  Losses in shipment If your order is lost in the mail, call us or send us an e-mail to that effect and we will reprint and reship your order, once, at no charge. If shipments to your address are repetitively lost or damaged at a rate well outside the norm, we may impose a high-risk shipping surcharge on future orders to you. If your order was indicated as delivered by the carrier (e.g., via USPS delivery confirmation tag) we may refuse to re-ship your order.  
  Delivery time Over 99% of the orders we receive, on a business day, by noon Central time, are shipped the same day.  Most customers specify shipment by USPS Priority Mail, which usually arrives 1-4 days after shipment.  Occasionally, some shipments may take longer.  Guaranteed rush processing and FedEx shipment is also available.  
  Errors in Billing If you believe we have made an error in a billing, please let us know, so that we can correct the error.  
  Subject Matter We reserve the right to refuse to print, store, or display any image which might be considered offensive or illegal.  
  Copyright As a customer, you are responsible for making certain that you do not violate anyone's copyright rights.  On rare occasions we may ask for written assurance that you do own the copyright rights to images in your directory.  
  Keeping your files on-line We have a lot of hard drive space, and you're welcome to save your files on our server.  However, if you haven't used your directory in 180 days, we might delete your files.    
  Files you've deleted inadvertently Contact us.  We might be able to restore your deleted files.  
  Privacy We will not intentionally disclose your information, including the files you upload, to any person or company outside Perfect Posters. We will make every effort to keep your information safe and confidential.