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Q.  I would like to get some files printed.  How do I start?

Q.  What file formats do you accept?

Q.  How can I avoid unreasonably long upload 

Q.  Do I need to expand my files, to match the printing size I will request?

Q.  How long will you keep my photos in my on-line directory?

Q.  How large a print can I get without it looking blurry?

Q.  I've added some prints to my shopping cart, but tomorrow I will want to upload and order some additional items.  Will my shopping cart still be there tomorrow?

Q.  Will you check my order for color and cropping?

Q.  Is my credit card information secure?

Q. How soon will I get my order?

A.  Click "get started (set up a new directory)".  Enter your e-mail address.  The system will help you set up an on-line directory.  After that, click "upload files" and use the "browse" button to locate one or more photo files on your computer (e.g., in JPG, TIF, GIF, etc. format).  After your upload is finished, you will see a page which shows you your personal on-line photo directory.  You can add additional photos, use our free automatic on-line editing software, and/or order prints.  We will maintain your on-line directory for you.

There's no cost or obligation to have on-line directory.

Here are some tips to avoid common mistakes.