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Print Quality

We use  HP Designjet 5500 and 5000 ink jet printers and Kodak Premium PhotographicPaper

Image Resolution

We operate our raster image processors at maximum resolution, even for large prints. This guarantees that any detail that's in your files will be in your prints. Unless you have text or line art in your files, you need not expand your files to the size needed for printing; our equipment will do that, via cubic spline interpolation, for you automatically.

Maximum print size

40.75" x 72"  Larger sizes available on special order.

Minimum print size

4" x 4"

Media options

We use Kodak Premium Photographic papers, in three surface finishes:

     Glossy (highest reflectivity, darkest blacks)
     Satin (sometimes called Lustre or semi-gloss)
     Matte (minimum reflectivity)

There is minimal if any differential glossiness (variation in surface reflectivity depending on the ink loading).  Inasmuch as these are ink jet prints, they should be protected from water.

Cutting options

Cut to exact size, or leave some extra white paper around the image.  There is no charge for the additional (about 1/4") extra border, if requested.

The lifetime of these prints, in typical indoor lighting, before the first detectable fading, is about 10-25 years.  This compares with 5 years for stabilized silver halide prints (most rapid turnaround photofinishers), and 20 years for washed silver halide prints (commercial photofinishers).  Both ink jet and silver halide prints will last longer if protected from UV light.

If you are unhappy with a print, in almost all cases you may obtain a refund, credit, or reprint. Please see Policies for more information.