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We print any shape or size from 4" x 4" to 40.75" x 72".  To determine the price of any print, multiply together its horizontal and vertical sizes, in inches, and divide by 38.4.  Lengths greater than 72" are available, at a 20% surcharge, if that option has been enabled (go to "account details"). Here are some pricing examples: 

8" x 10"     $2.08 each
16" x 20"     $8.33 each
20" x 30"   $15.62 each
30" x 40"   $31.25 each
40" x 60"   $62.50 each
Paper Types (same price for all types)   More Information on Paper Types
  Heavyweight Photo Glossy   Heavyweight Photo Satin Heavyweight Photo Matte

If your current order, plus what you have ordered over the previous 90 days, totals more than $500, you are eligible for a 5% volume discount.  If you order more than $1,000 in that same time period, your discount is 10%, and if over $2,000, 15% (on your current order, not on orders to date.)  As far as we know, we provide the lowest large photographic print pricing to be found anywhere in the U.S.

Shipping and handling starts at $4.85 per order for USPS Priority Mail, higher for FedEx.  Shipping and handling is calculated for the total order.

To determine the cost, plus estimated shipping and handling, for any print size, use our Price Calculator   Please keep in mind that the Price Calculator   calculates shipping and handling as though that were the only print type being ordered.  For orders with multiple print types, the shipping and handling charge is based on the estimated total order weight.